Christian Capiozzo, known as Chicco, was born in Cesenatico, Italy.
Legendary Drummer, composer and producer known in the music scene for collaborations with international musicians and in the funk scene, jazz, lounge, soul for the synchronization of television (Sex & the city for example).

His love for music led him to embrace the most diverse music styles, with great awareness and respect amidst the dark secrets of the soul, jazz, funk, afro beat, music from the world in a total sense, progressive rock, while remaining recognizable with a great personal touch.
This mixture is the engine that sees him present with perfect original designs and shoulder of international artists.
Son of the great Giulio Capiozzo (drummer AREA important Jazz drummer recognized around the world), learned from his father how to emulation love for music and in particular for the drum and percussion. From the age of  12 years began to perform in the sense of local Adriatic beginning to shine for the different conception of understanding the instrument, not only rhythmic but also melodic, as we learn especially the Afro-jazz school.
Experiences of important live concerts: Jimmy Owens, Pee Wee Ellis, Enrico Rava, Tony Scott, Jarrod Lawson, Mario Biondi, Luca Sapio, Sherman Hirbie, Gigi Cifarelli, Marco Tamburini, Cheryl Porter, Trilock Gurtu, Michel Supnick, Tony Scott, Bruce Forman, Robert Bonnisolo,Tullio De Piscopo, Alex Baroni, Ernesttico Rodriguez, Cico Cicognani, Karl Potter, Patrizio Fariselli, Ares Tavolazzi, Michele Calgaro, Randy Bersen, Tanya Michelle, Joe Salinas, Gianni Giudici, Mauro Pagani, Andrea Mingardi, Mark Harris, The Drummeria (with Ellade Bandini, Paolo Pellegatti, Eugenio Mori) etc.
In 2001 form with the organist Michele Guidi a project called “Capiozzo & Mecco” and recorded his first CD under his own name entitled “Whisky a Go Go” released by Irma Records in America, Japan and Europe. 12 killer tracks and a song (Small club) has been included in the American TV series “Sex and the City”.
Among the musicians on the Cd and in the evenings stands the name of Mario Biondi (detection Italian jazz in a beautiful version of Spinning Wheel of Blood Sweet & Tears eaten by London radio), Stefano Bedetti, Simone La Maida, Daniele Santimone.

In September 2002 he performed in clubs in New York and studied at the New School.
In 2003 Christian performs in a tour of 18 gigs in New York with American organist Ehud Asherie, young talent of the Manhattan jazz scene taking a major concert at the local historian BLUE NOTE jazz with the trio at its most host name of the evening Jimmy Owens.

In 2005 he participated in several festivals including Jazz Siberia Novakuzniech Festiaval with Jimmy Owens group and Moscow.
In 2005, a song he composed  entitled “Whisky Go Go” is taken as the soundtrack of Markette transmission Piero Chiambretti.
In the summer of 2005 he played on tour with Owens, Ed Cherry (Dizzy Gillespie jazz guitarist) and Sherman Herbie Sax of Lincoln jazz orchestra conducted by Wynton Marsallis.

His drumming is chosen in the last Jimmy Owens album out around the world, it will also appear on the new record of Quintorigo “Il Cannone” and in a second album “Quintorigo play Mingus” along with Antonello Salis Gabriele Mirabassi with which participates in many important Italian jazz festival: Umbria Jazz, Jazz Vicenza, Villa Celimontana, Ravenna Jazz etc.
In recent years Christian is described by critics of music magazines as one of the most important drummers of the modern European and international scene, entering as a leading name in what is called the new Italian scene Lounge.
He music two films with original tunes: “Quell’estate del ’78” and “La banda del brasiliano”.

In 2012 Christian He performs in a trio with Ares Tavolazzi and Patrizio Fariselli proposing original songs in the repertoire of the AREA (acoustically) alternating with standar jazz creating a very personal and unique show.
In addition to January of Brooklyn with Luca Sapio where the records’ album “Who Knows” in the studios of Dhunam Records, produced by Thomas Brenneck TNT (guitarist manufacturer of Emy Winehouse, Charles Braddley, Lee Fields, Eloe Black). 12 written original tracks together open the door to a new chapter of the Italian soul. The single “How did we lose it” enters play list of the David Letterman Show in the summer, the group opens the concerts of Paul Weller, a tour throughout Germany to Trombone Shorty shoulder, a shoulder European tour to Sharone Jones & the Dap-kings and participated in renowned festivals such as Trasimeno Blues and Locosfestival in Locorotondo (Bari). Newspapers as “Rolling Stones” and “Mucchio” define the hard Luca Sapio and Capiozzo&Mecco as one of the most important revelations and credible of the year. In February perform on tour in Germany proving a great success and performing in German national television in the prime time to “Harald Smith Show”.

In the same year he performed with Fabrizio Bosso, Randy Bernsen, Gigi Cifarelli on tour in Italy.
In 2015 he is called on tour with Pee Wee Ellis historical Sax James Brown and composer of many pieces of the same among which the famous “The Chicken”. With him it performs well in Italia also in Athens Greece, Ireland (Sligo Funk- jazz festival) Vienna. Also he performs with the winner singer Grammie as revelation New World Soul Jarrod Lawson, playing in Norway, Oxford for the famous club London’s Ronnie Scott and Croatia.
She is currently producing an afro-disco beat of Gabin Dabiré, one of the greatest exponents of African music, famous around the world and together with Michele “Mecco” Guidi and Daiele Santimone the new abum engraved in its entirely analogue studios entitled “Movie Soundtrack Experience “published Irma Records.